We accept simultaneous submissions (i.e., pieces you have submitted to other publications). However, you need to notify us if any of your pieces are accepted elsewhere. Upon acceptance in Sagebrush Review, please withdraw your poems from other considerations.


We reserve First Serial and Electronic Rights to every piece we publish. If we seek to publish your work, the exclusivity of Sagebrush’s right to publish your work only lasts as long as the period of time leading up to the date of publication. Once your work is published, all rights are reverted to you, and you are able to resubmit the work anywhere for consideration. We kindly ask that if your work is published elsewhere following its publication with us, you credit Sagebrush Review as its initial place of publication.

If we publish your work, we may post extracts from it on our social media in future. If you want to deny us these re-publication rights, do let us know. Apart from the right to publish your piece online, we retain no rights over your work. We will seek your permission before including a piece in our annual printed journal.

Your work must be original, and you must be the creator and holder of the copyright. All submissions presuppose your agreement to this policy.


We are looking for clear and concise work from a variety of diverse voices and perspectives. We seek poetry that uses original, interesting language skillfully and prose that uses effective narrative pacing to capture the reader. Most importantly, we want to read well-crafted work – stories that engage us and poems that surprise us.

We are unlikely to be interested in pieces with gratuitous sex or violence. We will not publish writing that is sexist, racist, classist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist.

Please understand that if your work is not chosen, the decision likely comes down to our tastes. It is not a reflection on you. We will not enter any conversation surrounding this.


Submissions are free for university students at any level. To verify your status as a student, include an active “.edu” email account as your primary contact in your submission.

Submissions are also free for UTSA alumni. Please share your graduation year and major with us in the appropriate box before submitting. 

For writers and artists who are neither university students nor UTSA alumni, we request a $5 submission fee. This fee helps us defray the costs of managing submissions and publishing the annual printed journal, as Sagebrush Review is entirely staffed by volunteers, and we depend on donations to keep us running. This fee does not guarantee personalized feedback or influence any decisions regarding the works that we wish to publish.


Beginning in December of 2021, the submission window is available during the first week of each month from the 1st through the 7th. Submissions open and close at midnight. (We’re located in the Central time zone). Any submissions received outside the window will be returned unread.

We ask that you only submit once per reading period, although we will accept work from up to two categories at once. If you wish to submit items for two categories, please include the categories in separate Word documents titled [Last name] [First name] – [Category].

For example:

            Plath Sylvia – Poetry

            Plath Sylvia – Prose  

We aim to respond within eight (8) weeks of your submission, but we try our best to respond sooner. If you happen to submit on a day when our workload is light, you could get a response the same day! If you have not heard back from us after the eight-week mark, feel free to send us a query at


Aesthetically, we are interested in poetry that engages us with descriptive images and lyrical sounds. We like poems that are written in free verse, blank verse, and other traditional forms equally.

We also welcome visual/object poetry. When formatting such experimental pieces for submission, please remember that we are limited by WordPress’ text constraints and our journals are printed on 5.5” x 8.5” pages. 

Submit up to three (3) poems in one Word document. Center titles and include your name. Use a readable 12 point-sized font. Calibri or Helvetica work well.

We ask you to limit each poem to approximately 40 lines. There is wiggle room for longer poems, but please be gentle with us.


We ask that you keep prose pieces (short stories and works of creative non-fiction) under 2500 words. A hundred or so words over is fine but try to be gentle with us.

There is no minimum – we want flash fiction, too! We ask that you keep works of flash fiction under 300 words. Again, there is wiggle room, but try to be gentle with us.

Submit up to three (3) works of flash fiction or one (1) short story in a single Word document. Center titles and include your name. Additionally, please include a word count beneath the title of your prose pieces. (We will not accept prose pieces without a word count.) Use a readable 12 point-sized font. Calibri or Helvetica work well.


We appreciate abstract and figurative art equally. Drawings, paintings, digital art, photography, prints, mixed media – we love it all! The only stipulation we have is that we do not accept art that depicts excessive gore or graphic violence of any kind.

We accept portfolios of up to six (6) pieces of visual art. Please submit images as high-resolution .PNG files.


As a graduate student-run organization, we are unable to offer financial compensation for online publications. We will, however, nominate for major awards and continuously promote contributors’ work via social media.

We offer compensation to writers and artists that we choose to include in our yearly print anthology in the form of a free contributor’s copy that we will mail to you. (We are only able to mail the free contributor’s copy within the continental U.S.)