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In the Blue, I See You

Place me in your shadowed corners 
and let me be the cosmic light.

Count me in your constellations 
and your eyes will trace each clustered star. 

Each twinkle will be my affection, 
the galaxy arranged, sparkling for just you.

And if I drop, shooting, 
will you keep me in your pocket?

If so, I will be your comfort, 
when your sleep does not meet your glistening eyes. 

My fall will light your walls, 
you will string each fragment, a celestial cable. 

Keep me close, as you can’t be
without my glimmering warmth. 

ALEENA FERNANDEZ is a master’s student in English at UTSA.

Cover Art: Starry Night, Edvard Munch, 1893, Oil on canvas (via the Getty’s Open Content Program).